Announcing: ImageBrief Advertising category award


The New York Photo Awards is psyched to announce that ImageBrief will select a very special Advertising Prize Winner from the Advertising category entries to The New York Photo Awards.

When we first introduced the Aussie-born ImageBrief to American audiences at the 2012 edition of the New York Photo Festival, photographers and advertisers were equally elated about this brand new game-changing platform.  ImageBrief has since gained palpable traction across the world with photographers signing up daily and ad agencies posting briefs faster than you can put yours on in the morning.

In addition to all of the recognition and fame bestowed upon all New York Photo Awards winners, the ImageBrief Advertising Prize winner–hand-picked by director, Meg Moss–will receive the following:

•A 2-hour, one-on-one portfolio review and advice session with famed beauty photographer, Gavin O’Neill. (Portfolio review to be done in-person if in New York City, otherwise conducted via Skype. $300 value.)
•Profile feature of winner sent out to ImageBrief buyers (provided winning photographer becomes a member of ImageBrief).
•ImageBrief blog feature and interview with winner.

To be eligible for the ImageBrief Advertising Prize, simply submit to either the Advertising Singles or Series categories of The New York Photo Awards.

More about ImageBrief director, Meg Moss:

Meg Moss is one of four co-founders of ImageBrief and Director in the company. Her experience began as a picture researcher and photo editor which then lead to her starting a niche photo agency, licensing content to magazines globally. In 2010 ImageBrief was created, and in 2011 it was launched. Meg and her co-founders, through social media and their own related businesses, recognized a gap in the market to allow image buyers and photographers to negotiate license rights between themselves and giving photographer’s an opportunity to monetize their existing work. Meg is the Content Editor at ImageBrief and therefore has the luxury of being introduced (visually) to new work each day. ImageBrief currently has a creative community of 3500 individually approved photographers registered to the platform.


More about Gavin O’Neill:

Born in Nelson, New Zealand, Gavin O’Neill began photography in his early 20’s, after spending his late teenage years as a drummer in a local rock band. It didn’t take long before his hobby of photography became an obsession, and then a career after he eventually turned his attention to fashion photography. Although being self taught, he has managed to successfully navigate his way to becoming a recognized member of the photographic industry, and now travels the world constantly working with some of the worlds top models and clients, from his base in New York.

His work has appeared in many magazines, including Vogue, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, and Sports Illustrated, as well as his nude and body work appearing in Black+White Magazine, GQ, Esquire, and Max. His commercial clients include L’Oreal, Avon, Philips, Olay, Gillette, and Coca Cola.