Second round interim winners

The second round of interim winners have been selected! Enrico Fabian will be walking away with an “Original Camera Strap” from A7 and Louise Åkebrand has a $50 B&H gift card to scoop up some photo gear. Craig Hackey and Melissa Patenaude, the co-founders of A7 selected from the General Documentary Series category, while New York Photo Festival Assistant Director, Jacob Pastrovich made his interim pick from the Student Fine Art Series category.

Big congrats go out to both second round interim winners. There are just two more weeks of interim prizes up for grabs. Check back next week for the third round picks, and stay tuned for even more prize announcements coming shortly. Remember, to be considered for the next interim prize picks, get your submission in by this Friday, July 27 and, remember, the final deadline to submit for The New York Photo Awards is August 17.

Take a look at what the interim judges had to say about the second round picks:

Enrico Fabian, “Focus on Pharmaceuticals” from the series, “Death for 50 Rupees”

“The photos in this series are very moving and disturbing at the same time. Art that sheds light on important and highly hidden world issues is extremely powerful. So many people need help and don’t have a voice. We are always happy to see artists and journalists that make people aware of such injustices, hoping that someone can take action. The dramatic style intensifies the viewer’s sentiments and opinions towards an already tragic subject.” – Craig Hackey and Melissa Patenaude


Louise Åkebrand, “Untitled 6” from the series, “Sons of Juárez”

“There has been a lot of Google Street View imagery as of late. I think it’s a great tool for the general public to get a look at what’s outside their backyard, but it’s also a great tool for photographers. I have not seen anyone treat Google Street View in the manner that Louise Åkebrand has, in that she’s essentially reporting on a relevant news story. Everyone may know about what’s going on in Juárez and has seen the gruesome photos that come across the news wire, but sometimes it takes someone with a keen eye to point out where we really should have been looking all along.” – Jacob Pastrovich