NYPHA’12: Round four interim selections

There’s little over one week left to submit to The New York Photo Awards. Over the past month, assistant director of the New York Photo Festival, Jacob Pastrovich and the founders of A7 have been making interim selections from the NYPHA entires for prizes from B&H and A7.

For the fourth round of interim winners we’re happy to announce that I-Hsuen Chen will receive a $50 gift card from B&H and Eli Itay will have a brand new A7 strap for his favorite camera.

Following are comments from the interim judges:


I-Hsuen Chen, “Untitled” from the series “Nowhere In Taiwan”

I-Hsuen Chen’s series is “Nowhere In Taiwan” is a perfect example of what documentary photography can be: a portrait of the self. Too often people push the ideal that documentary photographs must record a specific event. In addition to reminding me of Jeff Wall’s “A Sudden Gust Of Wind,” Chen proves documentary can also be personal and expressive.  – Jacob Pastrovich


Eli Itay, “55”

“The simplicity and the layout of this picture is what makes it appealing. The rich light gives it a warm soothing quality. Sometimes the simplest images are the most beautiful.” – Craig Hackey and Melissa Patenaude

There are still a couple of great reasons not to wait till the last minute to get your submission in: Datacolor is giving away two more interim prizes. To be eligible, just have your entry completed before the dates listed here.